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Fortunately I got over the shock of listening to my own voice at a young age, thanks to John Ferguson’s dad and his Grundig tape recorder. Unfortunately, some might say, I grew accustomed to the sound and kinda miss it since Covid blew me off the BBC. The Rhodcasts (thank you Jake and Colin, and one happy afternoon in Cambridge for the name) are the typical product of a butterfly mind. And there’s a huge hole in my heart for the arts community right now. I too love an audience, and they are the missing part of every writer, performer and musician’s day. Let’s begin by hearing from some people whose creative careers were rudely interrupted by the deathly horseman of Covid and got right on and did something about it.

From the Scrapbook:


The greatest of all TV reporters Martin Bell gave me an excellent piece of advice not so very long ago. It’s a pity now I didn’t follow it. Martin said I should sit down and write 500 words every morning and pretty soon I’d have a book. Which is why I need this picture of a clearly hyper-talented child playing a plastic saxophone to pad things out. Do drop in from time to time and see how my recall is going. Rome wasn’t built in a day, you know.

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"Working with Rhod Sharp was a highlight of my years at USA Today. He’s super-smart, funny, a natural broadcaster and a true gentleman."

Bill Nicholson, former night editor, USA Today


“There’s so much I admire about what you do and the way you do it. You inspire the loyalty and trust of your listeners. You’ve become their companion over the years – and that’s a very special achievement.”

Lord Hall, BBC Director General


“For example, the BBC’s Up All Night program - the best English language all nighter in the world, which I came to love while living in London."

Fred Barbash, The Washington Post


“Thank you so much for all your wonderful radio life, I cannot tell you how much Heather here in Epsom will miss you.You are a true radio legend."

Listener Heather Martindale


“He arrived on day one with the professionalism and care that made his program one of most award-winning channels on the BBC. What unfolding time has done is create a global respect, and trust, that is without equal. For more than a quarter century I taught journalism to university students, and I often used Rhod as an example of how it should be."

Len Sellars, Professor Emeritus, San Francisco State University


“Rhod is a 5 Live legend. In 25 years of broadcasting, he has defined overnight radio in this country."

Heidi Dawson, controller of BBC Radio 5 Live


“He immediately established a huge audience for night time news-talk in totally untried territory for the BBC. That Rhod has continued to hold onto this prized position is a testimony to his longevity, his recognized expertise and his audience who love him."

Chris Cramer, previously BBC Head of Newsgathering and Managing Director, CNN International

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