RHODcast: Jan 21, 2022

Our House – Robert Moore

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In some senses it’s hard to believe that over a year has passed. While we have variously solved and suffered personal crises brought on by Covid, a deep malaise has afflicted the American body politic. It didn’t begin on January 6, 2021 any more than it ended then, but history will record its debt to those who set out to record the events on Capitol Hill in Washington DC that momentous day. The report sent back by Robert Moore, Washington correspondent of Britain’s Independent Television News stands out a mile for its immediacy and its hallmark journalistic authenticity, because he was there in the place where it happened. With many other reporters pinned down behind barricaded doors, Moore and his crew followed the leaders of the insurrection through the halls of Congress. His report has been viewed at least 688,000 times.

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