RHODcast: Jul 22, 2021

Our Town – Heather Cairns

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I’m happy to say that the series about Our Town here in coastal Massachusetts is off to a flying start. We can all think of these end of the line places which exert a strange attraction on exceptional people. After all, would Ernest Hemingway have spent so long in Key West if it hadn’t been the last stop before Cuba? And what about Lawrence Ferlinghetti and the rest of the Beat Poets and their long association with San Francisco?

Around here, people know HEATHER CAIRNS as The Google Lady – and for the very good reason that without her, the company might never have left the ground. (To you, “LarrySergei” I only say might.) Still, Heather was there, in these early years, every step of the way, and we thought you’d like to hear about it.

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