RHODcast: May 4, 2021

Our Town – The Missing Paintings (part 2)

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I hope our story of the missing paintings of JOJ Frost is a bit of a page-turner. And if it is, you shouldn’t have to wait longer for part two. A complete revaluation of Frost as a painter has changed things around. But even if we never know who hid that painting of his in the walls of the old house, or why it was cut in half, more and more of his works are turning up. And there’s a reason why it’s taken so long to bring them into the light.

(If the Frost story has drawn you in and you would like to know more, here are a couple of places to look:

The Marblehead Museum has a collection of over 30 pieces by Frost but also an extensive archive of his work on PDF.

Bethe Lee Moulton’s book, “The Paintings of JOJ Frost, An American Story” remains the starting point for an exploration of his work, is lavishly illustrated and includes reproductions of over 90 of his known surviving paintings.)

Also available:
The Missing Paintings – an American Story (pt 1)

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