RHODcast: Jan 12, 2021

Republic of Broken Windows, 1 – Rep. Seth Moulton

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Happy new year – an earnest hope. This week, change of plan brought about by much more than the TV shots that have drilled themselves into our brains since last Wednesday. The present crisis challenges most everything that Americans have come to understand about their One Nation Indivisible. Right now the focus is on simply getting through to the inauguration of a new president who is serious about governing with the consent of the governed, which he secured in November by 7 million votes. Time for a series of short conversations with some people I respect who can shed some light on what we are living through. First, a conversation recorded Monday January 11 with US Representative SETH MOULTON. If you listen, I’m sure you’ll gain a sense of the mood in Congress right now, and perhaps of where things are going. Stay safe.

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