RHODcast: Jul 29, 2021

Risk! Heather Cairns and Rick Boyd

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And then? This is a most important question. As people, we are conditioned to want to know the rest of it when we have been introduced and this week we’re going back to a conversation I had in March with a Florida resort manager turned Bitcoin millionaire, RICK BOYD. It’s not been an easy spring for Bitcoin believers, but in a generally rising stock market, some of the other crypto-currencies have held their own. Rick has always been open with us about his changing fortunes and here he brings us up to date.

HEATHER CAIRNS knew from the get-go in mid 2004 that she would never have to work again. That was the day that 22,534,678 shares in her old company Google went public at $85 a pop. If you held on to them, as she was required to as employee #4, the price only ever went higher. In a continuation of our interview a few weeks ago, Heather talks about the fulfillment she experienced from philanthropy and the challenges of coming home to a small town that is always, always, resistant to change.

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