Robert Nisbet

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“From launch, he created the perfect aural duvet for the curious mix of hard politics, gabby cabbies and ‘believe it or not’ stories we would assemble in daylight hours. He taught me the lyrical beauty of an evocative script with his: “It’s five past nine in…’ which became his poetic signature.   However as a studio producer, such beautifully written flourishes could leave you tight for time: I remember Rhod once saying we were trying “squeeze a pint into a quart pot”. One night he was interviewing the gravelly voiced porn baron Bob Guccione, which was foolishly scheduled at the end of the first hour. Telling Rhod to wrap at 02.59.40, he looked impishly through the glass and asked: “So tell me Mr Guccione, how would you characterise the state of America today?”.  I loved working with such a warm and colourful talent – all of us remember our time on the programme fondly.”

Robert Nisbet, former Up All Night producer and Sky journalist