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Rhod Sharp

What they said:

“Rhod Sharp is one of the leading anchors on BBC Radio.  His unconventional presentation style has resulted in something of a cult following as well as a broader general audience.  People at the office water dispenser say ‘Did you hear what Rhod Sharp said last night’…”

Owen Bennett Jones, BBC Correspondent and former host of BBC World Service Newshour

“Three words could however never be enough to summarize the professionalism, warmth, erudition, elegance and humanity that you bring to broadcasting.  Listening to your voice and your peerless content made, without any doubt at all, a huge contribution to my wellbeing.”

Listener Geraldine Prince

“Thanks for the years and years of quiet, calm presenting in the early hours of the morning.  I loved the other night when you talked to your friends in Boston and for once we had a rare glimpse into your life Stateside. I felt so, so sorry for the people who went for breakfast at the diner, the lovely, kind lady who served them all, they were she said, “her family.”Thank you so much for all your wonderful radio life, I cannot tell you how much Heather here in Epsom will miss you.  You are a true radio legend.”

Listener Heather Martindale

“Rhod was a grand master who taught me a lot about radio, the BBC and the USA.  However he could also be quite innocent.  When covering the US Mid Terms of 1994, Rhod gave me and my two colleagues a nearly-full bottle of Wild Turkey to celebrate a fabulous programme with a couple of neat bourbons each.  It was two in the morning and he was going to bed and we shared one each.  After he’d left we three finished the bottle, so bought one the next day to return half full.  But we then finished that off too, so we bought a third bottle, which we then returned to him half-full.  He replied ‘Ooh.  I’m surprised you only had a couple.'”

Paddy O’Connell, Presenter Broadcasting House, BBC Radio Four

Many of the What They Said comments were provided when Rhod celebrated 25 years of presenting Up All Night


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