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What they said:

“Can you just imagine, a NYC  taxi driver gets discovered by one of the BBC’s big shots and the rest is history.  I always looked forward to our chats. He and I have grown older and better looking.”

Peter Franklin, NYC Taxi Driver

“During those early years both Rhod and I took a great deal of pleasure in helping to develop the careers of people on the programme and some have gone on to great heights. Others, like me, have fallen by the wayside, whilst Rhod has gone on, and on, and on. Some we managed to persuade to go back to Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA. In those days Rhod was living in Clapham and had been doing 4 nights a week, although he didn’t swan in until 9pm in a BBC car. As a result of the endless nights he could be a tad cantankerous. So we fixed it for him to go to the USA too which made him happier.”

Howard Benson, former Editor Up All Night Radio 5 Live

“I spent a couple of weeks travelling around Canada for Up All Night with Rhod. He was, as usual, his charming self. Encouraging a young reporter like myself and inspiring with his ability  to capture a scene with poetic words. As we left Toronto for the airport at dawn on our way to Calgary there was a pink sky over the city’s skyscrapers. Rhod soaked it in and then used it in his “intro” for that night’s live programme   “ Candyfloss pink clouds over the towers of Mammon” is how it came out.”

Nick Miles, Reporter/Producer BBC News

“I loved Rhod’s setup monologues at the start of each show, as he gave us wonderfully evocative descriptions of the wider world we visited over the show’s three hours.  As they say, ‘the best pictures are on the radio’, and Rhod always painted them beautifully.  My favourite recollection has to be when we did a piece about Woodstock festival being rebooted on the original site.  I’d queued it up with the Matthews Southern Comfort version of the song, ‘Woodstock’.  The intro was too long, so the editor wanted me to fade it out earlier than I wanted,  but Rhod just picked up the chorus as the music faded and the words turned into poetry as he joined in for ‘we are golden, we are stardust.  And we got to get ourselves back to the garden.’  I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun working on the radio.  And so much of that is down to Rhod and the way he approaches things.”

Alan Reed, Senior Home Affairs Producer, BBC News

Many of the What They Said comments were provided when Rhod celebrated 25 years of presenting Up All Night


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