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Rhod Sharp

What they said:

“I know that you have brought light into the darkness for many people – whatever their reasons for being up all night. And it has been a pleasure and a privilege to contribute to your programmes from both Southeast Asia and Southeast Europe. As my dad – who was a regular listener – would have said: May your light never grow dim.”

Guy De Launey, Balkans Correspondent, BBC News

“I could go on about the fact you’re a lovely chap, a pleasure to work with, and a consummate broadcaster. All of that is true, but I’d prefer to remind you of how well you are thought of among the listeners and your broadcasting colleagues. You are, for three nights a week, a friend to so many people that I think the very nature of their lives would change if you weren’t there, and that is testament to what you mean to me & so many others.  From Salford, where the sun barely ever rises at 4.59am through the gloaming,”

James Wickham, BBC Senior Broadcast Journalist

Many of the What They Said comments were provided when Rhod celebrated 25 years of presenting Up All Night


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