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The “TS” of this page is my brother-in-law, Tony Staveacre. Tony features in RHODcast number 2, together with the actor and comedian Les Dennis, with whom he collaborated on the drama “Jigsy” about another funny man, Jackie Hamilton. Tony is many things; BBC TV and radio arts producer, with 485 hours of programming credits; the author of four books, including “Slapstick”, his copiously illustrated story of knockabout British comedy with an unforgettable picture of Marty Feldman on the front; biographer of PG Wodehouse for BBC Radio 4, inter alia The Wodehouse Notebooks with the late lamented John Bird; and presenter of the BBC Radio 2 Arts Programme. Never ask him which major British TV personalities he discovered, or you’ll be there all night. He plays a dazzling array of musical instruments, and well, although none of them as well as his friend Allan Schiller. I asked Tony to introduce Allan and his memoir, Music Made Me.

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